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Why seek counselling with Haoli in Swindon?

So Who Am I? And How Do I Work?

As I mentioned on the Welcome Page, my name is Haoli, and I'm an independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist, registered and accredited with BACP, and a registered member of ACC.

Membership with these professional bodies requires me to have a recognised standard of training and to abide by the ethical codes of practice laid down by them and, if you'd like to know more about this, you can read further information on the following websites: BACP:, ACC:

However, I went into counselling because, having faced many personal struggles and difficulties on my own 'journey', I wanted to help other people find healing for their damaged emotions, and freedom from their past, in order to find meaning and fulfilment in their lives. In other words, I wanted to be a catalyst for renewed hope.

For this to happen, however, I realise how important it is to receive non-judgemental and empathic support - something which I endeavour to offer, no matter who you are, or what has happened to you.

How I work

The way I see it, we all need relationship, so the first thing I do is work towards building a trusting and sincere relationship with my clients, so that they feel listened to - and understood.

Then, because life is a unique journey for each one of us (and each one of us is unique) I endeavour to work in a way which best suits the particular person I have the privilege of working with. I therefore use an 'integrative' model of counselling, meaning that I draw from several distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy, according to the needs of the person concerned.

When working with trauma, however, I use a "3-phase model" which focuses initially on stabilisation before dealing with specific memories and exploring ways in which a person can move on in their lives, being more "integrated" and "connected" both with themselves and with others. I also draw strongly from Lifespan Integration protocols, which research is showing to be highly effective in developing and strengthening the "core self". For more information, click here for the Lifespan Integration website.

I believe that if a person's given the right environment, however, together with the necessary time and space, then they have the capacity to find their own way through their difficulties - and to work things out for themselves. That said, I'm looking to wind down my practice over the next few months, meaning I can only commit to a maximum of 12 sessions at this time. But at least we can get started and, if necessary, I can provide you with the names of other counsellors, who work in similar ways, if you feel that you need to continue with further sessions. 

About Me. Every Journey Starts

So, whilst putting you at the 'centre' of the work we do, I might also invite you to explore some of your childhood experiences, and to see if they're impacting any of your relationships in the present. Or perhaps we'll explore the way you think about yourself, others and the world around you - and consider how these ways of thinking might be affecting your day-to-day living.

Working this way can lead to increased insight into your own personal world, and can feel as though you've taken control back - as though you're now able to see what's been happening and how to change it.

No matter what theory I draw from, however, I endeavour to put you, the individual, at the centre of my work - being led by your personal needs. My aim is therefore to provide an environment in which you'll feel comfortable enough to explore painful feelings, to try and make sense out of your own personal experiences, and to help you find ways to manage or change the difficult situations you might be facing.

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